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Visa Exemption

APEC business travel card holders don’t need a visa so long as their stay is no longer than 90 days.

You don’t need a visa if you are a traveler to Phu Quoc island with an air return ticket, if you intend to remain on the island for 30 days or less. But if your stay includes traveling outside of the island, you must have a visa. Please contact us if you are in doubt or have any queries.

(中文) 中国公民在线申请越南落地签证的指南
[Vietnam visa 2022] Update the fee of Vietnam e-visa and landing visa for Chinese

[Vietnam visa 2022] Update the fee of Vietnam e-visa and landing visa for Chinese

1. The fee for Vietnam e-visa:

At present, except for the citizens whose Chinese passport number starts with “G”, Hong Kong citizens and Macao citizens can apply for Vietnam e-visa online. Then, the holder’s Chinese passport number starting with “G, K, H, M” can apply for a Vietnam e-visa.
Please noted: Chinese passport numbers begin with “E” and Taiwan passport holders can’t apply for Vietnam e-visa.

The following fees are included: the service fee and the visa fee. There is no further charge for the electronic visa application when you arrive.

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Visas to Vietnam have been made very simple.
Here’s why:
  • We do all that is necessary when you apply for a visa.
  • You made the form online, we send the result straight to your email.
  • You arrive in Vietnam, the visa is ready for pick up.
  • We have a 100% guarantee refund policy.
  • (see our refund policy)
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